Midpoint Equine Medical Center
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MidPoint Equine Medical Center

Providing health care to horses located in north central Texas and all over the world, Midpoint Equine Medical Center a two doctor practice can provide both routine and emergency care for your horses.

A young business established in 1995, this fast growing equine veterinary practice provides many aspects of care including, but not limited to: Preventative care, dental services, emergency care, internal medicine, minor surgery, with reproduction, embryo transfer, and lameness evaluation and treatment of particular interest to our practice.

Preventative Care and Dental Services

As many other veterinary practices, we pay particular attention to the types of diseases prevalent in our part of the United States as well as the rest of the country. A large part of our practice is futurity and show horses that travel across the country to events of all types. Vaccinations of certain types are necessary to prevent illness and sickness. Your horses need dental care to provide proper health and improved performance. We provide these services to all our clients.

Emergency and Hospital Services

Twenty four hours a day, MidPoint Equine Medical Center personnel are waiting to care for any emergency from lacerations, sickness, injury, colic, to foaling problems, tying up horses and many other medical emergencies.

Midpoint Equine Medical Center can provide treatment plans and hospitalization services for many different illnesses and infectious agent diseases as well as injury treatment. 

Minor surgical procedures ranging from castrations to umbilical hernia repair to soft tissue surgeries to minor orthopedic procedures are performed with great care and success at MidPoint Equine Medical Center.

MidPoint Lab

Our hospital has many in house laboratory tests, including CBC, chemistry, culture lab, and coggins testing to aid in diagnosis and treatment of your horse.

Reproduction/Embryo Transfer Services

Midpoint Equine Medical Center’s reproductive medicine has advanced significantly by breeding large numbers of mares with artificial insemination, stallion management, and cooled and frozen semen. A successful embryo transfer program has enabled MidPoint Equine Medical Center to perform over 100 embryo transfers per year over the past few years. We can utilize recipient mares owned by the farm, or MidPoint Equine Medical Center has recipient mares to lease to better serve our clients.

Lameness Diagnosis/Treatment

Lameness diagnosis and treatment is a large part of the realm of MidPoint Equine Medical Center’s practice. We provide many diagnostic tools including fluoroscopy, radiography, ultrasound, and most importantly a keen eye and thorough examinations to accurately and quickly diagnose a horse’s lameness condition. With a rapid diagnosis, quality treatment plans can be devised to fit every need and situation. Some lameness situations must have rest for recovery, but most can be treated by other means to provide faster relief and results for less lay off time.

In the future, MidPoint Equine Medical Center will be building a new office for increased office efficiency, improved client service, and better equine medicine and surgery. More and improved diagnostic tools and services will also be added to provide better service for our customers and improved health for your horses.

Brett A. Spencer DVM

1990 Graduate of Oklahoma State University. College of Veterinary Medicine. Practiced veterinary medicine in Southern Oklahoma for 2 years; Practiced veterinary medicine in Argyle, TX for 1 year; Practiced veterinary medicine in Pilot Point, TX for 3 years; Began Midpoint Equine Medical Center in 1995; Practice to current in Tioga, TX. Showed and trained paint horses for western pleasure and hunter under saddle as a youth. Currently, an active participant in show horse and cutting industry. Member AAEP, AVMA, AQHA, NCHA, APHA.







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Brett Spencer
411 US Hwy 377
Tioga, TX 76271
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Midpoint Equine Medical Center
Tioga, TX
(940) 437-5280
Complete Equine Repro\ Embryo 
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Brett A. Spencer, DVM


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